Olivier Bargain

Olivier Bargain , Senior partner

Professor of Economics at Bordeaux University, Olivier is also director of a research department in social sciences, member of the Institut Universitaire de France, and former member of the Economic Analysis Council to the French Prime Minister. He has been working for many years on the analysis of individual or aggregate behaviors (consumption, employment, political choices, migration, income dynamics, price dynamics, etc.), well-being measures (subjective well-being, inequality, poverty,…) and the evaluation of public policies (labor market, socio-fiscal systems,…). He regularly intervenes in the written press and has conducted various expertises on public policies in France (Council of Obligatory Levies, Court of Auditors, Senate, Ministries, etc.) and for various administrations and companies in France, Canada, Poland, Chile, Ireland in particular . He regularly works with the World Bank, the OECD and the European Commission. Before settling in Bordeaux, he was a teacher-researcher in Marseille (2011-2017), at University College Dublin (2006-2011) and researcher at the Institute of Labor Economics IZA (Bonn, 2004-06) where he co-directed the “Employment and Development” pole in partnership with the World Bank.