Impact Evaluation

  • Experimental and quasi-experimental designs
  • Survey design and data collection
  • Statistical and econometric analysis
  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Presentation and publication of results

Capacity Building

  • Impact evaluation methods
  • Poverty mapping and targeting methodologies
  • Data collection software (CsPro & Survey Solutions)
  • Statistics and data management tools (Stata, SAS, SPSS, R, Python…)
  • Econometrics and statistics methodologies

Data Analytics

  • Poverty profiles and SDG indicators
  • Poverty mapping
  • Data mining
  • Analysis of administrative and socio-economic data
  • Econometric modeling
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Artificial intelligence


  • Expertise on targeting methods
  • PMT questionnaire design
  • Implementation and monitoring of targeting schemes
  • Evaluation of targeting mechanisms
  • Pilot surveys and recertification

Statistical Projects and Household Surveys

  • Sample design
  • Questionnaire design and testing
  • Design and implementation of mobile surveys
  • Organization of data collection and quality assurance
  • Implementation of secure platforms for data storage
  • Survey training: questionnaire, sampling, CAPI, data cleaning, data analysis, etc.
  • Presentation and dissemination of survey results

Economic Analysis

  • Poverty, inequality and well-being analysis
  • Gender issues
  • Measures of intra-household inequalities, time use and child poverty
  • Health measures, access to health programs and cost-benefit analysis
  • Education, access to education and child labor
  • Labor markets, wage dynamics and migration
  • Social protection, fiscal and financial capacities and redistribution systems
  • Agricultural production, youth employment and well-being
  • Household vulnerabilities and coping strategies
  • International trade and development