Our vision for development

Founded in 2017 by Harold Coulombe and Damien Echevin, Econ3D brings together a pool of consultants economists and data experts operating in many countries and on all continents. Our experience and know-how enable us to adapt to a variety of contexts and interlocutors in order to share and increase skills.

The core values which guide our business are values of sharing, excellence, and sustainable alignment for building the capacity of developing countries. To achieve that, we rely on a network of international experts and researchers. For each of the projects for which we are responsible, we provide support and monitoring so that the data-driven strategies that we formulate can be truly advantageous for all.

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Our team

The extensive experience and deep expertise we have gained in both field and analytical work enables Econ3D to provide a wide range of services for the development and collection of survey data, socio-economic and geospatial impact assessments and analysis of projects and programs in various development contexts.